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Get the report on the role of social media in driving sales

How well do you really understand the role of social media in driving sales?

Social media is the fastest growing channel for marketers, and there is increasing pressure being placed on marketers to prove the effectiveness of their activity on these platforms.

Trouble is, marketers don't currently have the tools to do this. In fact, only a quarter of CMOs* feel they are able to quantitatively measure the impact of social media on their business. 

But that's all about to change - and we're going to help you get in the driver's seat.

In this report you will learn:

  • The contribution that social media makes to sales performance
  • Key metrics that drive sales outcomes
  • The key implications of social that grow your business
  • The number one type of content that grows business
  • Social media insights & trends that are shaping the way we work


*CMO Survey, August 2018,


About Zavy

Zavy is an insights and analytics platform for organisations who want to grow their brand and ROI on social media. Zavy’s proprietary analysis tools and metrics are built on an understanding of what drives social media performance. 

Zavy enables organisations to:

  • Benchmark their social media performance against their competitors
  • Understand what content works and why
  • Develop more effective activity to improve performance