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Who's winning at social in New Zealand politics?

Sign up now for the 2020 Election Tracker.

Monitor the social media performance of New Zealand political parties in near real-time.

Social media is critical to election outcomes. So, we've built an insights dashboard for the next New Zealand election.

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You'll see which parties are leading our scoreboard, be able to track sentiment for each party, and see the top election-related posts of the week. 

The Zavy election tracker is not a political poll or prediction - it gives you an aggregated view on the social media metrics and sentiment of public response on social.

About Zavy

We provide intelligent analytics to leading brands in New Zealand and Australia. This tracker is part of a suite of solutions we’ve developed to help our clients stay ahead of digital conversation. 

Zavy enables organisations to: 

  • Benchmark their social media performance 
  • Understand what content works and why 
  • Develop more effective activity to improve performance 

Want more? Get in touch to learn more about how Zavy can help you stay ahead of the conversation.