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What's your score?

Amidst the mass of content and activity on social media, it can be difficult to get a sense of how your organisation is actually performing, let alone know what your competitors are doing. 

That's where Zavy can help. The Zavy Score is an index which compares the cross-channel performance of brands on social media. 

Just complete the form, and we'll get started building your custom scoreboard so you can see exactly how your brand is performing on social media compared to your key competitors. 

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About Zavy

Zavy is an insights and analytics platform for organisations who want to grow their brand and ROI on social media.
Zavy’s proprietary analysis tools and metrics are built on an understanding of what drives social media performance. 

Zavy enables organisations to:

  • Benchmark their social media performance against their competitors
  • Understand what content works and why
  • Develop more effective activity to improve performance

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